The Fat Loss Habit is NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON!!!

Our BOOK The Fat Loss Habit is NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON!!! We would greatly appreciate a brief REVIEW. Your feedback is our best marketing tool and it will help us to make a better product. Your review will help other people who want to make a positive change by helping them to find our book.

Best Wishes and Best Health!


The book contains:

  • 7 Change Strategies for Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle
  • A Flexible Diet Program that Doesn’t Put Any Foods Off-limits,  including Alcohol
  • 20-Week Workout Log with Progress Assessments (Downloadable PDF)
  • 3 Strategies for Resetting your Body Weight Set Point to Keep the Weight Off
  • A Training Program Based on Science, not Bro Science.

Discipline pushes us, motivation pulls us, but intentional habits keep us moving towards our goals.


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