How to Pick a Diet & Exercise Program

“Long-term consistency trumps short-term intensity.”
Bruce Lee

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I suggest you choose a diet and exercise program that is sustainable; because consistency is more important than intensity. If your program isn’t sustainable, your results won’t be either. It is common sense, but how many people have done an extreme program only to revert to their previous condition. You wouldn’t believe how many otherwise intelligent people have told me that the Adkins diet “worked” for them, but they had gained back all the weight. The problem with quick fixes is they don’t last. Continue reading “How to Pick a Diet & Exercise Program”

The Habit: Week-6 (Find Pleasure in the Process)

This week’s challenge is to find pleasure in the process. Discipline is the ability to force ourselves to do what we should do when we should do it. It is something we all struggle with and must develop, but motivation can be a more powerful driver of action. What if you could find pleasure in the tasks you must do. If you can equate pleasure with the task, you’ll be a lot more successful. “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” – Aristotle

If you don’t enjoy what you do, you aren’t really successful. Finding pleasure in the job is our responsibility. Our attitude toward what we do is a choice we make each day. We are responsible for our own happiness. We are responsible for our attitude toward our work, toward our relationships, and toward our life. If we cannot find happiness in our daily routine, we aren’t really successful. Continue reading “The Habit: Week-6 (Find Pleasure in the Process)”

DREAM BIG! Conservative Goals Don’t Inspire

We often fail to dream big because we lack self-confidence. The problem with setting small, realistic goals is that they aren’t very inspiring or motivating. To inspire means to breathe life into, and motivation is the desire to take action. You want to dream big. Big goals inspire and motivate you. Big goals are what get you jumping out of bed. Even if we don’t achieve all of our big goals, we will achieve so much more than if we set small, realistic goals. When setting goals, don’t worry about how; worry about why.

Why-power is more important than know how. When our why is big enough, we will find a way. We either find someone to model, or we’ll discover how through trial and error. It is always best to take advice from someone who has achieved our desired result and learn from them. If we duplicate their actions, we should be able to duplicate their results. Our why-power is what will get us going and keep us going until we achieve our desired result. The problem with most people isn’t that they aim too high and fail; it is that they aim to low and succeed. When self-doubt creeps in, we just need to ask ourselves, “is it possible?” If anyone else has done it, and we do what they have done, why couldn’t we duplicate their success? Continue reading “DREAM BIG! Conservative Goals Don’t Inspire”

Prime Yourself Each Morning with Exercise

Beginning each day with exercise is a fantastic way to begin our day. How we begin each day sets a tone for the rest of our day. When we begin each day with exercise, we are stimulating our mind and body for peak performance. Morning exercise stimulates the production of Brain-derived Neurotropic Factor (BDNF). BDNF is often called “Miracle-Gro for the brain” because it stimulates the formation of new neurons.  How you begin each day determines how you will live each day.

Prime yourself with daily exercise. Start your day with the one activity that will improve your mood, focus, and vitality. Regardless of our fitness goals, beginning your day with exercise is a must, if we want to live a world-class life.  Daily exercise benefits the brain more than the body. The purpose of developing this habit is to:

  1. Prime your mind and body for a great day
  2. Stimulate the release of BDNF, “Miracle-Gro for the brain.”
  3. Improve your mood and focus
  4. Increase energy and vitality
  5. Improved impulse control and willpower
  6. Improved weight management and fitness
  7. Provide you with a sense of accomplishment before you start your workday


A short 10 to 20-minute workout is sufficient. Do whatever activity you enjoy. Don’t let good be the enemy of great. Continue reading “Prime Yourself Each Morning with Exercise”