DREAM BIG! Conservative Goals Don’t Inspire

We often fail to dream big because we lack self-confidence. The problem with setting small, realistic goals is that they aren’t very inspiring or motivating. To inspire means to breathe life into, and motivation is the desire to take action. You want to dream big. Big goals inspire and motivate you. Big goals are what get you jumping out of bed. Even if we don’t achieve all of our big goals, we will achieve so much more than if we set small, realistic goals. When setting goals, don’t worry about how; worry about why.

Why-power is more important than know how. When our why is big enough, we will find a way. We either find someone to model, or we’ll discover how through trial and error. It is always best to take advice from someone who has achieved our desired result and learn from them. If we duplicate their actions, we should be able to duplicate their results. Our why-power is what will get us going and keep us going until we achieve our desired result. The problem with most people isn’t that they aim too high and fail; it is that they aim to low and succeed. When self-doubt creeps in, we just need to ask ourselves, “is it possible?” If anyone else has done it, and we do what they have done, why couldn’t we duplicate their success? Continue reading “DREAM BIG! Conservative Goals Don’t Inspire”


This is the time of year where the word resolution is misused by millions of people. We will examine the formal definition. Next, we will look at how it is commonly applied to New Year’s Resolutions. Last, we will examine what it means to go after a goal with true resolve and how you can make this year different than any other year.

I am not a fan of New Year’s Resolutions because I don’t think most people actually make resolutions. They make a list of things they would like to happen. They will usually attach a list of actions they should do to achieve it. Should is a word for the underachiever. It implies that your values aren’t in line with your actions. No one does what they should. They do what they must. They do what is in line with their true values.

That brings us to the formal definition of resolution; a firm decision to do or not to do something. The critical word in this definition is the word decision. Tony Robbins provides the best definition of the word decision.

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The Habit: Week-3 (Morning Exercise) It’s for the Mind more than the Body!


This week’s challenge is to wake-up 30-minutes early and exercise for at least 20-minutes. Most people that resolve to wake-up early to exercise do it with the vague goal of losing some weight and getting into shape. Those are terrible goals for several reasons. First, they aren’t clearly defined. Second, they don’t contain any emotional intensity, and last, they don’t have any deadline to create a sense of urgency. I want you to wake-up early and exercise because it will prime your mind for peak performance.

This habit has more to do with the effects it will have on your mind, and much less to do with the effects it will have on your body. Most people know that exercise releases endorphin, the body’s homegrown brand of morphine, but what most people don’t realize is that it stimulates the brain. Continue reading “The Habit: Week-3 (Morning Exercise) It’s for the Mind more than the Body!”

Want to be more successful? Ignore your feelings, and listen to your gut.

Do you want to know the secret to success? Here it is; ignore your feelings and listen to your gut. Successful people discipline themselves to do what unsuccessful people fail to do. Discipline is the foundation of all good habits, because it gives us the push we need to take the actions we know in our gut will lead to our long-term success and happiness. … Continue reading Want to be more successful? Ignore your feelings, and listen to your gut.