Wisdom without Action is Wasted

“Knowledge is NOT power. Knowledge is only POTENTIAL power. The execution of knowledge is where your power lies. Knowledge is not mastery. Execution is mastery. Execution will trump knowledge every day of the week.” Tony Robbins
The best strategies in the world will not help you if you don’t execute them. The world is full of highly intelligent and knowledgeable people that don’t accomplish anything. Their ideas are never implemented. Their plans never executed. True learning occurs through repetition. “It is frequent repetition that produces a natural tendency.” Aristotle
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The Habit: Week-7 (Identify ONE Wildly Important Goal)

This week’s challenge is to identify ONE wildly important goal you want to achieve in the next 6 to 12 months. You could do this in just a few minutes, but I would like you to really give it some thought. Brainstorm at least three to five goals you may have. Typically, people are most creative early in the morning or after exercising. Ideally, you could workout first thing in the morning, then sit down and brainstorm.

Lay out everything you will need the night before. I keep a sketch pad for my brainstorming sessions. Decide when and where you are going to brainstorm. Eliminate all distractions; focus your mind on what goals, if accomplished would be a game changer in your life. Continue reading “The Habit: Week-7 (Identify ONE Wildly Important Goal)”