“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” Theodore Roosevelt

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If you want to start exercising here is a simple, workout you can do that doesn’t require any equipment. These workouts should take no more than 20 minutes to complete, but if you do them consistently, you will get results.

            I believe that everyone should do a combination of strength training and cardio training. Both improve our physical and mental performance. I have written about the surprising effects that regular exercise has on our mood, focus, and mental performance so I won’t go into detail here, but if you aren’t aware of the many benefits, check out The Habit: Week-3 (Morning Exercise) It’s for the Mind more than the Body!

            A great starter workout would be a two by two. Two strength training workouts, and two cardio workouts each week. If you want to make exercise a daily habit, you could go for a 20-30 minute walk on the other three days of the week. Example schedule:

Monday: Strength Training

Tuesday: Cardio Training

Wednesday: 20-30 minute walk (optional)

Thursday: Strength Training

Friday: Cardio Training

Saturday: 20-30 minute walk (optional)

Sunday: 20-30 minute walk (optional)

            Here is a simple, NO EQUIPMENT Strength Training Workout Circuit. I provide hyperlinks for each exercise.

Exercise Beginner Intermediate Advance
#1 Push-ups Feet Elevated Push-ups Dips between chairs
#2 Doorway Towel Rows Inverted rows under a table Pull-up using a door & towel
#3 Bulgarian Split Squat Bulgarian Split Squat with pause One Legged Jump Squats
#4 Hip Extensions One Legged Hip Extensions Single Leg Hip Thrust Jumps
#5 Plank (30-seconds) Elbow to Hand Plank (45-seconds) Alternating Two-Point Plank (60-seconds)

Perform these exercises in a circuit with only about 30 to 45 seconds between exercises. Perform 3 circuits. Do as many repetitions as you can. When you can perform more than 20 repetitions, advance to the next level.

Here are the simple, NO EQUIPMENT Cardio workouts you could perform.

Cardio Options Duration Intervals      (sprint: recovery) Beginner Intermediate Advance
Outdoors Cardio 20-minutes Intermediate    [30-sec:30-sec] Brisk Walk Walk – Jog Jog – Run/Sprint
Indoor Cardio 20-minutes Advance            [40-sec:20-sec]  Jog in Place or walk stairs Shadowbox – Jog in place Shadowbox – Jog in place

 While you don’t need any equipment to perform these workouts, you might want to check out my blog post, Gym in a Carry-on – The Business Travelers Fitness Packing List for a few inexpensive equipment suggestions.

bus travel carry-on

 It isn’t a lack of resources that typically holds us back, it’s a lack of resourcefulness. Change your habits, change your life! 

Learn more Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. – Staying Fit While Traveling On Business

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