Environmental Design is a Great Substitute for Willpower

Willpower is not an effective long-term strategy for behavior change because it is inconstant. . If there is no junk food to eat when you are tired, stressed-out, and hungry, you starve the craving and extinguish the habit, without using any willpower. The more committed we are, the less willpower we will need. Shaping your environment will shield you from temptation.  By removing the temptations that reward bad habits, you can extinguish them without exerting your willpower. It doesn’t require willpower to shape our environment. It requires commitment. If you aren’t committed enough to do what is easy, like removing junk food from your home, then you should probably admit to yourself that you aren’t committed to losing weight. The most common excuse I hear from people for not removing all the junk food from their homes is that they don’t want to “deprive their children.” Deprive them of what; a lifetime of sugar addiction? Anyone that makes this argument is literally arguing to feed their kids junk; food so processed it can hardly be called food. If you cannot get rid of the junk food in your home, stop blaming your children. Having children in your home should be one more reason to get rid of the garbage, not keep it stocked in your pantry. It is better to purchase these things in small quantities to avoid over-consumption; for example, ordering an ice cream cone is better than bringing a container of ice cream home. Desserts should be an occasional indulgence, not a daily expectation.

Emotional cues like stress, hunger, exhaustion, and depression aren’t something we can control. The environment is something we can. Our environment; isn’t subject to the inconstancies of willpower or motivation. It is constant, and consistency builds habits. I hope you are as excited to learn, as I am to share these highly effective strategies that will make the adoption of healthy habits easier than you ever thought possible! You’ll discover that it is not only possible, but it is completely doable. I am committed to providing you the most effective strategies based on the latest research. 

Our book provides all the strategies and tactics you will need to transform your body, but no one ever got fit by reading. Strategy without execution is useless. Rituals reap results. Execution is your responsibility, but don’t be intimidated. I will only ask you to perform silly small steps in the beginning to create momentum. Once you have the habit established, we will build on it. You can do this. Don’t be discouraged if you have failed in the past. You aren’t doomed to repeat past mistakes. Armed with effective strategies, you now have a much better chance of success. You can do this! 

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