New Habits – New You

Regardless of how slow or fast your metabolism is, everyone can lose or gain weight. It is simple math – calories in vs. calories out. Is it easier for someone with a fast metabolism to lose weight? Of course, just like it is easier for a person making a million dollars a year to become wealthy, but it is no guarantee. Lots of athletes and entertainers that make huge salaries and enjoy enormous paydays go broke. You can have results, or you can have excuses. You cannot have both. Taking ownership is empowering. Your genetics aren’t going to change, but your habits can. The great news is that our lives are shaped more by our habits then our circumstances.

The Fat Loss Habit will teach you how to engineer your habits so that each day is another vote for the person you want to become. We should be less concerned with where we are, and more concerned with where we are headed. The strategies contained herein are going to help you set a better course. The more consistently you implement each strategy, the better the set of your sail. “Don’t let your learning lead to knowledge. Let your learning lead to action.” Jim Rohn

Take notes in a journal. Commit to implementing one more concept each day. Build momentum, one small action at a time. Improvements never happen as quickly as we would like, but good habits make them inevitable. Consistency is critical. The only decisions that change our lives are the ones that cause us to abandon our bad habits and replace them with good ones. They are the times when we say NO MORE – NEVER AGAIN. These are the moments when we finally recognize the pain our bad habits are causing us.

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