You Don’t Need a NEW DIET

Want to start eating better and losing weight? You don’t need a new diet. You do not even need to start exercising. You just need to keep a food log. People that keep a food journal lose twice as much weight as those that do not. Why is it so effective? Simple. Keeping a food journal forces us to confront our choices. Monitoring improves our performance through increased awareness. When you are trying to lose weight, you do not want to record eating a chocolate chip cookie. It would make it too difficult to blame your slow metabolism.

Tony Robbins says if you want lasting improvement, raise your standards. He could have just as easily substituted habits for standards since what we do every day is our standard. It is not what we do for 3-days, or three months that matter. It is our standards that determine our results. Regardless of where you are, the Fat Loss Habit is going to teach you how to develop the habits that will produce a lean body. Where you are is much less important than where you are heading. You could have a million dollars in the bank, but if you overspend your income each month, you’ll eventually end-up broke. Success and failure are gradual processes.

Install lean body habits, and your success will be assured. You will never have to diet again. People that stay lean year-round don’t diet. They have developed habits that make it unnecessary. They are mindful of their food intake, exercise regularly, and monitor their body weight. They don’t allow their weight to creep up. They weigh themselves a few times a week. They wear tight-fitting clothing that promotes better body awareness, like a pair of unforgiving jeans that make it impossible for them to put on weight undetected.

People with poor eating and exercise habits have developed a different set of habits. They put blinders on, so they rarely have to confront their bad eating habits or the repercussions they produce. They don’t know or want to know how many calories they are eating. They refuse to keep a food journal. They just don’t have the time. They rarely step on a scale, and they love wearing their Juicy Couture Jumpsuits with elastic waistbands. They are so comfortable. They don’t have time to exercise – it doesn’t work anyway, so their treadmill collects dust. It is not their fault they keep gaining weight. They curse their slow metabolism, which is only getting slower. It is not fair. Does any of this sound familiar. If it does, don’t despair. Bad habits are not innate. All habits are learned. What is learned can be unlearned. If our habits weren’t plastic, body transformations and sustained weight loss wouldn’t be possible.

Some people are indeed blessed with a fast metabolism, others develope nervous habits that burn extra calories, but excuses are not going to do anything but make us feel better about our bad habits. They lessen our pain, but they don’t improve our situation. Action is born of inspiration or desperation. Excuses are designed to reduce our guilt and anxiety. It is not our fault. They are TRAPS designed to keep us stuck where we are. The truth is that life is not fair. It is also true that many of the lean people you see each day are not blessed with a fast metabolism.

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