Stop Constantly Checking Email!

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If you want to be productive, you must do things that produce results. Being busy isn’t the same thing as being productive. Determine one thing you need to accomplish each day and work on it during your most productive hours. The first two to three hours of your workday are your most valuable. Your creativity, focus, and energy are at their best. Don’t squander your best hours on low priority tasks.

Win your morning, and you win your day. We have all experienced days where we felt like we did a lot, only to realize we didn’t accomplish anything meaningful. You’ll discover that you spent the day reacting to others instead of sticking to your plan. I recommend you use your smartphone to check your schedule for the day and ensure there are no legitimate emergencies in your inbox, then ignore it. Don’t even open your email browser until after lunch.

Spend the best hours of your workday on your most impactful task. Devote yourself to something that will produce results. Checking email is addictive, but you must overcome the temptation to continually respond to everyone else’s demands and work on meaningful projects. That is how you become productive. If you want to be more productive than 90% of your colleagues, stop checking emails and start producing.

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