MINI HABITS – Shrink the Commitment – Shrink the Resistance

Shrinking our habit commitment reduces our reluctance. We avoid becoming paralyzed by subjective fatigue. As the behavior becomes a habit, we can build on it. Understand this commitment is a floor and not a ceiling. If you feel motivated to do more, that’s great. Willpower is going to get you going. Motivation will determine how far you go. I recommend you schedule most of your willpower challenges in the morning. That is because our will power is highest in the morning and depletes as the day wears on, that is why most of our bad habits live in the late hours of the evening. You’ll discover waking-up early isn’t difficult if you get to bed early. Going to bed early has enormous benefits; you’ll get more sleep, which boosts willpower, and you’ll reduce the time-window when you are most susceptible to bad habits. It minimizes your least productive time and maximizes your most productive time. 

Waking up before the rest of the world gives you a considerable advantage over the people that stay-up-late, wake up late, stubble through their morning, and haphazardly begin their day. Waking up before everyone else allows you to focus your peak physical and mental energies on your top priorities without distraction. “The first hour of the morning is the rudder of the day.” Henry Ward Beecher 

Beginning your day with exercise gives you a sense of accomplishment and sets a positive tone for the day. The mood-enhancing benefits of exercise last up to 12-hours. Studies have revealed that the most consistent exercisers workout first thing in the morning before other commitments can get in the way. It doesn’t hurt that their willpower and energies are also at their highest at that time. We want to keep our commitment small and make exercise as enjoyable as possible, so we always have enough willpower to meet our daily commitment.

Dream BIG. Start SMALL. Act NOW! – Robin Sharma

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