A Simple Habit that will Influence the Spirit of Your Day

Did you know that you can influence the spirit of your day during the first few minutes after waking? During those first 20minutes, your mind is transitioning from the low 47 cycles per second (Hz) your brain operates during light sleep to the higher, 1230 Hz that is your normal waking state of consciousness. During this transition, your subconscious mind is most impressionable. Have you noticed that how your day begins tends to carry over into the rest of your day? Here is a simple habit that can dramatically increased your percentage of good days. It will also improved your attitude in general. Take advantage of this opportunity – put on some wireless headphones and listen to something inspiring while performing your early morning routine. It doesn’t require any time. Tony Robbins advocates. These types of activities require No Extra Time (NET).

I used to watch more motivational videos than I do now, but after a while, I lost my motivation for motivation. I discovered that the videos lost their effectiveness through repetition. Motivation is excellent and certainly better than nothing, but it is too unreliable. Motivation relies on our emotional state of being, which is inconsistent. Consistency is the foundation of all habits. If you don’t perform the behavior consistently, it isn’t a habit; is it? It is easy to do something when you feel motivated, but what about when you aren’t motivated? If you are like me, motivation is the exception, not the rule. I don’t rely on motivation. Motivation is based on our emotions, which are difficult to regulate. It is hard to shift our emotional state through thought alone.

Tony Robbins advocates priming yourself each morning through a combination of mindful breathing and energetic movement. I agree with his assertion that our physiology and psychology are inseparably linked. These two aspects of our being work in a push-pull relationship. We can improve our confidence by merely striking a Superman posture, or we can reduce our self-confidence by slouching. If I asked you to act depressed, I bet the first thing you would do would be to look down and hunch your shoulders. Either can shift the other, but you’ll discover it is easier to change your physiology than your psychology. I learned early in life that exercise improves my mood and focus. My father, who was always struggling with his weight, liked to go running a few times a week. I was at that age when you loved spending time with your parents, so I would tag along. I grew to enjoy it, even crave the feel-good effects of it. It often lifted me out of a bad mood. It also helped improve my mental focus, and my grades reflected it. I wouldn’t learn until much later that neuroplasticity was possible, and that exercise was the spark that helped to create new neurons in our brain.

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