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Our Mission

Our mission is to help as many people as possible to improve the quality of their lives. I believe it begins with improving our health and appearance. I found this to be true in my own life. Our health is our most valuable resource. Exercise improves our mood and focus. It can lift us out of depression. It has even been shown to stimulate our mind. When we begin to look better, we begin to feel better. I believe a better life starts with the development of healthy habits because that is where it started for me. Growing up as an overweight kid, I lacked self-confidence.

Obesity runs in my family. My paternal grandfather died of a heart attack when my father was in his teens. My father was always struggling to lose weight. He was a brilliant well-educated man, an editor at the New York Times, but he was never able to lose the weight.

We are all capable of change, but it requires commitment. Commitment is usually born out of either inspiration or desperation. My commitment to lose weight and get in shape was born out of the latter. I remember being sent to the nurse’s office at school for a sprained ankle and overhearing her describing me as a very chubby kid. Her words struck me. I cannot tell you why they hit me as hard as they did, but I am grateful that I overheard her.


I resolved to lose the weight. My plan consisted of just two things, exercising daily and no more desserts. I decided that I would not eat another dessert until I lost all the weight. I went over a year without eating one dessert. I didn’t know much about diet and exercise; I was only ten years old after all.
My father read countless books on diet and exercise. He knew much more about these topics than I did, but information doesn’t change your life. Rituals reap results. Sometimes too much information and analysis can be a detriment to doing. It is our daily rituals that shape our lives. If you examine any area of your life in which you are successful, you will find daily habits that support your success.

My commitment to lose the weight and train my body to look like the heroes in my comic books changed my life. I learned the value of dedication and commitment. My transforming body was a constant reminder of the value of hard work and sacrifice. Daily exercise lifted me out of depression and improved my mental focus. I started doing better in school and became more confident. Eventually, I would become a member of the National Honor Society in Highschool and graduate from the United States Military Academy at West Point. 

I have always enjoyed exercising. It makes me feel wonderful. I didn’t know it at the time, but exercise not only stimulates the production of feel-good hormones like endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin but also improves our ability to learn. Exercise stimulates the production of Brain-derived Neurotropic Factor (BDNF). BDNF is often called “Miracle-Gro for the brain” because it encourages the formation of new neurons. BDNF is a protein vital to the health and function of your brain and peripheral nervous system. Low levels of BDNF is linked to Alzheimer’s, accelerated aging, poor neural development, neurotransmitter dysfunction, obesity, depression, and even schizophrenia. Nearly every abnormal state of cognitive function is attributed to low levels of BDNF.

Daily exercise combined with the elimination of desserts from my diet transformed my body. Giving up sweets was the hardest part, made more difficult by my family’s habit of ordering dessert when we ate out, and we ate out often. It was hard not to succumb to temptation and social pressure. My grandmother would bake peanut butter cookies or pies for us when we would visit her. I was made to feel guilty for refusing her dessert when we would visit, especially as I got thinner, but I was unwavering. I was able to sustain my resolve by connecting dessert with being trapped in a flabby body. I would pinch the flab on my body whenever I was tempted, and it helped me reconnect with my commitment to lose the weight.

I am sharing my story with you because I want you to know that despite your current conditions or family history; you can lose the weight you desire. You can reclaim your body and your life. I want to help you to translate your desire into action. I want to help you develop the daily rituals that will produce the results you want. Once the habits are in place; each day will bring you another step closer to the life you deserve. One of my strongest beliefs is that the most effective way to transform your life is by transforming your body.

I encourage you to share your results with your family. Let them know how it has changed your outlook on life. I want your results to inspire others to take up the challenge and improve their lives. Your example will help dispel the notion that genetics are to blame. Poor genetics is a common excuse, given by people that have no idea how many calories they are eating each day. Changes in our genetics aren’t driving the obesity epidemic. Our eating habits are responsible. If most of your family is overweight, it doesn’t mean that you have poor genetics. It might mean that your family has poor eating habits. Group norms have a huge influence on our behavior.

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Our habits and rituals shape our lives. Simply put, first, we form habits, then they form us. Information and strategies don’t produce results until they become habitual patterns of behavior. The mechanics of diet and exercise are SIMPLE. They are often overcomplicated by people attempting to put a new spin on getting in shape. We need variety to maintain enthusiasm, but we should always base our programs on the fundamentals. We know more about diet and exercise than ever before, but a lack of knowledge isn’t the problem. If anything, there is too much information available.

The overabundance of information has caused many people to fall into the trap of analysis paralysis. Over-analysis can become an active form of procrastination. No one ever got in shape by reading about it. The fitness industry provides a constant stream of gimmicky diet and exercise plans that promise quick and easy results. Each program claims to have found the secret to six-pack abs. Millions of people waste their time, money, and effort on worthless supplements, extreme diets, and overly complicated workout programs.

Getting in great shape isn’t as complicated as the industry would have you believe. Your muscles don’t need confusion to grow. They need to be forced to work harder and get stronger. Strength gains always proceed muscle gains. The only way we lose weight is by eating fewer calories than our body expends each day. The fitness industry is full of con artist eager to take advantage of people seeking quick fixes. I am not selling you a quick fix, and I don’t claim to have revealed the secret to transforming your body unless you consider forming good habits a secret strategy. If you want to achieve results that last, you must find joy in the journey. “Fall in love with the process, and the results will come.” Eric Thomas

Anyone who has successfully transformed their body did it through the development of diet and exercise rituals that supported their goal. Extreme programs are never the solution. Sustained results come from sustained behavior. Consistency is more important than intensity. We become what we habitually do. Our blog and book focus on strategies for developing healthy habits because they are the key to your success. I was able to transform my body at the age of ten, not because I knew a lot about diet and exercise, but because I had the self-discipline to take daily actions that supported my goal.

My blog and book were created to help you change your habits so that you can change your life. I offer a lot of FREE information on my blog because I want to remove any barriers to your success. My book concisely organizes the information, but you don’t have to purchase it to start applying some simple, commonsense strategies that will transform your life. You can find everything you need here. If you are ready and are serious about reshaping your body, all the information you need to achieve excellent results is right here.

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Best wishes and best health!

Jeff Emblen
Author of the Fat Loss Habit

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The book contains:

  • 7 Change Strategies for Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle
  • A Flexible Diet Program that Doesn’t Put Any Foods Off-limit,  including Alcohol
  • 20-Week Workout Log with Progress Assessments (Downloadable PDF)
  • 3 Strategies for Resetting your Body Weight Set point to Keep the Weight Off
  • A Nutrition and Training Program Based on Science, not Bro Science.

The Fat Loss Habit: Creating Routines that Make Willpower and Fat Loss Automatic takes a new approach to getting leaner, fitter, and stronger. The program uses high-impact change strategies that make the process of adopting a healthy lifestyle easier. The nutrition and workout program, like the change techniques have all been proven effective, and are all backed by research and scientific studies.

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