Neglect leads to bad habits.

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Bad habits form when we neglect to link them to their long-term consequences. One of our greatest gifts as human beings is our ability to link our decisions today with the long-term results they will produce. This mindfulness leads to better decisions. Good habits are forged through discipline; the ability to sacrifice an immediate, often short-lived pleasure for long term progress that leads to true fulfillment.

Awareness is the beginning of life change. Bad habits form at the subconscious level. When we lack mindfulness, our base instincts take over. Our actions will be driven by a desire to gain pleasure or avoid pain. When we allow ourselves to be controlled by our base instincts, we are neglecting our gift and operating at the same level as the animals. Neglect is normal. Bad habits are normal. If we want to be extraordinary, we need to operate at a higher level.


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