Focus on your WHY – It is so much more important than your WHAT & HOW

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Before we do anything, we should first ask ourselves WHY we are doing it. Our why effects everything. It affects our effort, our attitude, and our determination. If you have a bad attitude about work, chances are you don’t have a good reason; a good WHY for what you do.

The story of Three Bricklayers building a church demonstrates the importance of finding meaning in what you do. All three men were doing the same work, but when they were asked what they were doing, the first bricklayer replied, “I’m laying bricks.” The second bricklayer said, “I am feeding my family.” The third bricklayer said, “I’m building the house of God.” Which one do you think took the most pride in his work? Too many managers only think of monetary rewards to motivate people when they could motivate their employees by teaching them to find meaning in what they do. When people see how their work is making a difference to the company or to their community, it will motivate them to take more pride in what they do. Unless you are financially independent, you work to earn a salary, but I hope that isn’t the only reason you do what you do.

We are good at setting goals. We make them measurable and attach a deadline to them, to avoid procrastination, but we rarely identify WHY we care about achieving it in the first place. Or our reason will be so weak and unmotivating that it doesn’t pack an emotional punch.

If we aren’t achieving results, it is because our WHY isn’t inspiring. Our reasons have to be bigger than our excuses. All actions flow from the head to the heart to the hand. If our hands aren’t moving; if we aren’t doing what we need to do, it is because our heart isn’t in it.

If we are trying to lose weight, and we say, we’re doing it because we want to get fit and healthy. It isn’t going to happen. Who gets up at 5:00 AM to workout with the goal of getting fit and healthy? No one.

I’ll tell you who gets up at 5:00 AM to workout, the actor that has to lose 10 pounds for their multi-million-dollar film role. The woman that wants to show her ex that he made a mistake when he dumped her for a younger woman. The man who is going to get fired from his job, if he cannot meet the physical requirements of the job.

Without urgency. Without emotional intensity, desire has no pull. When we are put in a do or die situation, we tend to do. When we get fired from our job, we don’t hesitate to update our resume, contact multiple headhunters, and practice our interviewing skills.

The problem with most people is that their WHY is so weak, that any excuse is enough to sabotage their progress. If we are trying to lose weight, we have to equate eating that junk food in the breakroom with pain. The pain of remaining trapped in a body we aren’t proud of. The extra 10 pounds we are carrying around.

We have to equate pain to eating mindlessly; not logging everything on the MyFitnessPal app. We have to equate triumph with a workout completed. We have to equate every little step with the pleasure of accomplishment. We have to connect them back to our goal. We must find pleasure in the process. When We drink a bottle of Topo Chico, with a lime slice, instead of a bottle of beer, we need to savor the taste of it. That is the taste of victory.

Success is not one giant effort. It is a lot of small decisions made correctly. A powerful WHY. Will give you that little nudge you need to make the right decision, time after time until it becomes a habit. Eventually, it will become a lifestyle.

“If you know the why, you can live any how.” – Friedrich Nietzsche.

The WHAT of things is easy; anyone can set goals. The HOW isn’t complicated either. A quick google search and you will have a step by step process for accomplishing your goal. If you have an internet connection or a library card, you can find out how to do almost anything.

The reason most people don’t achieve more is that they convince themselvesthey are FINE either way. Most people don’t commit because they don’t want to disappoint themselves. Most people say I would love to lose 10 pounds and get fit. I should start exercising. That is what most people do.

Don’t let that be YOU! Do better. Spend a few minutes, right NOW, to write down your why. Not some politically correct WHY. Don’t share it with anyone because that could cause you to filter your true motive. This WHY has to be powerful. It has to stir-up the most primal motives.

If you want to get a killer body because you want to prove your ex-was wrong about you. Use that anger and frustration as gym fuel. Connect with that why every single day so you can stay committed. Decide. A decision is when a desire is married with action. Act now. Cut-off all excuses. Say I AM DOING THIS UNTIL I reach my goal. Do or die. I am not fine being trapped in this body. I am not fine with things the way they are! When you connect with your WHY, you’ll never use the word should. Everything becomes a MUST!

Change your habits, change your life. Good luck!

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Best wishes and Best Health!

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