Why a high protein diet is so effective at promoting fat loss.

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Do you know that 30% of the calories consumed from protein are burned during digestion? That is three times as many calories as is required to digest carbohydrates and six times as much as is required to digest fat.

If you want to transform your body by burning fat while retaining muscle, I recommend you consume a high protein diet; approximately 1 gram of protein per pound of lean body mass each day.

A 140 pound woman with a 30% body fat level would eat approximately 98 grams of protein each day. Your daily caloric intake from protein will generally fall between 35 and 40% of your daily intake.

Eating a high protein diet has a number of benefits:

  1. Increased satiety, which helps you to control hunger and eat less
  2. Increased metabolism, due to the thermogenic effect of protein
  3. Increased leptin sensitivity
  4. Promotes the perseveration of muscle mass, especially when combined with strength training

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A study by McMaster University  concluded that “protein appears to be the macronutrient of paramount importance during weight loss owing to its ability to preserve lean mass during weight loss and promote fat mass loss when consumed in higher quantities. In addition, protein has some notable characteristics as a macronutrient, including satiety, thermogenic effect, and a potential ‘leveraging’ affect that means it should be a central part of a plan to restrict dietary energy to promote weight loss.”

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