“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” Aristotle

All day long we transition from one activity to another. We wake up. We follow a morning routine. We commute to work. We arrive at work. We begin working on a project. We stop working to attend a meeting. You get the idea.

We transition dozens of times each day, but how often do we pause between activities to mentally prepare ourselves for the next task. Learning to master these transitions is a powerful strategy for high performance. Continue reading “BRING THE JOY!”

Achievement without Fulfillment is Failure

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William James described success as a combination of two things.

1) An inner ideal which is followed persistently with courage and

2) an Outer achievement related to that ideal.

Society tends to fixate on the accomplishment of the outer achievement related to that ideal, and not the inner ideal that was followed with courage and determination. William James thought that of the two components that the first was much more important than the second. The pursuit of an inner ideal leads to personal growth and development which is its own form of happiness.

 According to William James focusing on the outer achievement related to the ideal is a mistake. Long-term happiness flows from our daily habits and routine. Personal growth provides the most lasting happiness in our lives. When we feel like we are getting better at anything, we feel good about ourselves. Continue reading “Achievement without Fulfillment is Failure”