Better Mornings, Better Life

How you begin each day sets the tone for how you live each day. If you win your mornings, you win the rest of your day. Set a positive tone for each day and you will have a more positive life because your life is merely an accumulation of days. Each day is your life in miniature. How you live each day is how you live your life.
Many high performers recommend you begin each morning, reading, writing, and running. Reading an inspirational book, writing in a journal, and exercising. If you want to improve the quality of your life, it begins with improving the quality of your morning routine. Continue reading Better Mornings, Better Life

Control the Spirit of Your Day with One Easy Habit

Did you know that you are able to influence the spirit of your day during the first few minutes after waking? During those first 20-minutes, your mind is transitioning from the low 4-7 cycles per second (Hz) your brain operates at during light sleep to the higher, 12-30 Hz that is your normal waking state of consciousness. In this state your subconscious brain is most impressionable. Learn more. Continue reading “Control the Spirit of Your Day with One Easy Habit”