Attitude is a Choice. It begins with,

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” Albert Einstein
Our attitude is a choice. Every moment of every day we decide what to focus on and what things mean. Our reality is shaped more by the prism we view it through than the facts before us. We can choose to be grateful a thorn bush has roses, or we can choose to be angry that a rose bush has thorns. Our attitude affects our results. A poor attitude produces poor results. A great attitude produces great results. Continue reading Attitude is a Choice. It begins with,

Better Mornings, Better Life

How you begin each day sets the tone for how you live each day. If you win your mornings, you win the rest of your day. Set a positive tone for each day and you will have a more positive life because your life is merely an accumulation of days. Each day is your life in miniature. How you live each day is how you live your life.
Many high performers recommend you begin each morning, reading, writing, and running. Reading an inspirational book, writing in a journal, and exercising. If you want to improve the quality of your life, it begins with improving the quality of your morning routine. Continue reading Better Mornings, Better Life

The Habit: Week-12 (Overcome Our Natural Tendency to be Negative)

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“Negative is normal. It is not successful, but it’s normal.” Jim Rohn

When the negative thoughts come – and they will; they come to all of us – it’s not enough to just not dwell on it. You’ve got to replace it with a positive thought.” Joel Osteen

Negative is normal. Neglect is natural. They aren’t helpful, but they are natural. People don’t rubberneck when they see a beautiful sunrise; they rubberneck to see a horrific accident. Weeds don’t require nurturing; they only need neglect to grow.

Continue reading “The Habit: Week-12 (Overcome Our Natural Tendency to be Negative)”

Achievement without Fulfillment is Failure

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William James described success as a combination of two things.

1) An inner ideal which is followed persistently with courage and

2) an Outer achievement related to that ideal.

Society tends to fixate on the accomplishment of the outer achievement related to that ideal, and not the inner ideal that was followed with courage and determination. William James thought that of the two components that the first was much more important than the second. The pursuit of an inner ideal leads to personal growth and development which is its own form of happiness.

 According to William James focusing on the outer achievement related to the ideal is a mistake. Long-term happiness flows from our daily habits and routine. Personal growth provides the most lasting happiness in our lives. When we feel like we are getting better at anything, we feel good about ourselves. Continue reading “Achievement without Fulfillment is Failure”

Attitude & The story of Three Bricklayers

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Our attitude affects everything. It affects when we get up each morning, our work ethic, our dedication, our energy levels, our smile, our handshake, and our results. It is easy to say have a good attitude, but how do you improve your attitude both for yourself and the people you lead.

The first step to improving your attitude is to become more grateful for what you already have. See my blog post. THE HABIT: Week-1 (Gratitude). Continue reading “Attitude & The story of Three Bricklayers”