The Habit: Week-7 (Identify ONE Wildly Important Goal)

This week’s challenge is to identify ONE wildly important goal you want to achieve in the next 6 to 12 months. You could do this in just a few minutes, but I would like you to really give it some thought. Brainstorm at least three to five goals you may have. Typically, people are most creative early in the morning or after exercising. Ideally, you could workout first thing in the morning, then sit down and brainstorm.

Lay out everything you will need the night before. I keep a sketch pad for my brainstorming sessions. Decide when and where you are going to brainstorm. Eliminate all distractions; focus your mind on what goals, if accomplished would be a game changer in your life. Continue reading “The Habit: Week-7 (Identify ONE Wildly Important Goal)”

The Habit: Week-4 (Keep a Journal)

This week’s challenge is to journal for at least 10-minutes every day. This one habit can alter the trajectory of your life. Keeping a journal has numerous benefits. Don’t make the common mistake of thinking a journal is a diary. It isn’t. The primary purpose of a diary is to record your feelings, while the primary purpose of a journal is to register your goals and thoughts so you can make better decisions. Keeping a journal allows you to:

  1. Reconnect with your goals
  2. Improve your attitude
  3. Detect your values
  4. Capture and organize great ideas
  5. Improve your problem solving
  6. Become more creative
  7. Learn to communicate better
  8. Cathartic Release

Jim Rohn produced a fantastic audio program explaining why and how to keep a journal. He was a master communicator, who mentored many hugely successful individuals. His audio program is well worth your time and money. You can purchase the CD version on his website for approximately $15, and the MP3 version for $9.95. He also produced an excellent, high-quality journal you can purchase for $29 separately. If you buy the Journal and audio CD program together you’ll save $5. These links are provided purely for your convenience, I don’t receive any compensation. Continue reading “The Habit: Week-4 (Keep a Journal)”