Here are my five core beliefs:

GOALS determine what COULD BE; our HABITS determine what IS and what WILL BE.

ENVIRONMENT trumps WILLPOWER and MOTIVATION. Good habits cannot survive in a negative environment.
Good habits need good TRIGGERS – typically, remembering is harder than doing.

Imaginary Difficulties are Impossible to Overcome

“Real difficulties can be overcome; it is only the imaginary ones that are unconquerable.” —Theodore Vail.
Many times, it is our beliefs that create the barriers to our success. For example, if you convince yourself, you don’t have discipline or willpower than your mind will look for evidence to substantiate that belief. If you believe that something is impossible, then for you it is. We must be aware of our thoughts because our thoughts guide our decisions and actions.
If we want to cultivate more powerful thoughts, we must be cautious about the things we tell ourselves. What follows the words “I am,” will have a massive impact on your life. Of course, you cannot just say I am smart and do nothing to develop your mind. That type of nonsense is dilutional.
What I am suggesting is that you support your affirmations with concrete action. Consistent, disciplined actions will develop your belief. You must give yourself evidence to substantiate your opinion of yourself.
My worst subject at West Point was English, but I don’t let that stop me from writing. I keep writing with the belief that I can get better. Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly until you can do it well. I keep writing, so I can get through those first terrible 10,000 pages. What keeps me going is my dream of helping thousands of people to cross the abyss, between knowledge and action so they can live a healthier more fulfilling life.
“Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.” Henri Cartier-Bresson
There is victory in pursuing a dream, whether it comes to fruition or not. The ultimate failure in life is not having an idea. People that aren’t pursuing their goals are only half alive. Don’t let that be you. Have a dream, have belief in yourself, believe that through hard work and dedication you can achieve it, and then give yourself more and more evidence to substantiate your belief. Good luck! Continue reading Imaginary Difficulties are Impossible to Overcome

Why Some People Will Always Struggle with their Weight

Image by Ed Yourdon

Do you know anyone that says they are “big boned” or they are “happy being overweight?” Anyone whose identity or happiness is linked with being overweight will always struggle with their weight.

They might lose weight for an event, like a wedding, but inevitably they will return to their old weight because it is tied to who they are. Our identity is who we believe we are. If we believe we are destined to be overweight, because everyone in our family is, then that is what we will be. Genetics play a role, but we shouldn’t use it as an excuse. Many people from overweight families have lost weight and kept it off. Continue reading “Why Some People Will Always Struggle with their Weight”

Harness the Power of Identity – Become a Modern-Day Spartan

Photo of Spartan by Kit

spartan fit


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Harness the power of identity to adopt a more disciplined lifestyle and overcome life’s challenges. While I choose to create my own personalized workouts, which focus on strength training and short cardio sessions, I found Joseph De Sena’s Spartan Fit! Very inspirational. I have incorporated some of the workout ideas into my training. Spartan Fit teaches you what it means to become a modern day Spartan. You learn how to eat, train, and live a more Spartan lifestyle.

 Greek_warrior,_Spartan_hoplite_phalanx (1)

It was fascinating to learn that the Spartans were not always renowned for their discipline and toughness. Sparta was unremarkable from the other Greek city-states; before the Lycurgus Reforms. Lycurgus imposed many reforms that helped create a disciplined, warrior society in which the individual was secondary to the state. Children were raised by their parents until the age of seven, then they were raised and educated by the state in the famed Agoge until the age of seventeen. The role of each man was to win in battle or die in service to Sparta. Unlike the women of other Greek city-states, Spartan women were encouraged to learn, exercise and display bravery, so that they could pass these characteristics onto their children. Producing the next generation of Spartan warriors was a woman’s primary role in Spartan society. The only citizens that earned a headstone in Spartan society were men that fell in battle alongside their comrades and women that died during childbirth. Continue reading “Harness the Power of Identity – Become a Modern-Day Spartan”