THE HABIT: Week-2 (Motivation)

THE HABIT focuses on how you start each day; your morning routine; because how you start each day determines how you live each day. Each day is your life in microcosm. As you take control of your morning, you’ll begin to take control of your life. We are creatures of habit.   Our days consist of daily routines that shape our lives. Small changes to these patterns can have profound impacts on our lives because they are repeated thousands of times.

How you start each day determines how you live each day!

Instead of waiting for January 1st to arrive, begin adopting a few small habits so that when the ball drops you’ll already have built-up some momentum. I will present a series of small habits you can adopt each week to change your life.

Within a week, you’ll notice an improvement in your mood. In a month, you’ll start noticing improvements in your energy and focus. Eventually you’ll have become a person that can achieve whatever it is you set your mind to do.

Success is not the result of one heroic act of determination. Success is about taking small daily actions and wiring-in good habits that over time produce great results.

John Maxwell’s Power of Five provides a great example of the power of small persistent actions. He should know, he has written over seventy successful books. He asks what would happen if you had a large tree on your property and you committed to taking five swings at it each day? The answer is always the same, the tree will fall. It doesn’t matter how large the tree is. We are often intimidated by the large trees in our life, but if we just committed toward doing a little each day, instead of being overwhelmed by them we would achieve unimaginable results.

I challenge you to take these small daily actions every day. Some people ask John what he means by every day. His standard response is every day: every Sunday, every Christmas, and every other holiday. Every day is powerful. Every day is easier because you don’t lose any momentum. Constantly starting and stopping requires more energy than the everyday method. He says that for decades he has done five things to become the prolific writer and expert he is today. Every day for decades he reads, he writes, he thinks, he asks questions, and he files.

The Week-2 challenge is to listen to something motivational the first 20-minutes after waking-up. All I am asking is that you put on some wireless headphones and listen to something that inspires and motivates you each morning as you begin your normal morning routine. A fantastic video to get you started is Morning Motivation by Video Advice.

Here are a few of my favorite channels: Be Inspired, Success Archive, Motivation2Study, MotivationGrind, Motivational Videos, Motivation Archives, and the MulliganBrothers.

Subscribe to some channels and download a few videos on your phone so you can listen to them when you need a quick pep-talk. I recommend listening to a great video multiple times, like you would a inspirational song. Each time you’ll gleam new insights.

Did you know that you are able to influence the spirit of your day during the first few minutes after waking? During those first 20-minutes, your mind is transitioning from the low 4-7 cycles per second (Hz) your brain operates at during light sleep to the higher, 12-30 Hz that is your normal waking state of consciousness. In this state your subconscious brain is most impressionable. Learn more.

Take advantage of this opportunity to influence the spirt of your day by putting on some wireless headphones and listen to something inspiring while performing your early morning routine. This is your opportunity to program your subconscious mind for success. Refuel your motivational reserves so you can power through your day and take the actions success requires. This one simple habit will provide you with hours of motivation.  This one habit has the potential to change your life. Like any good habit, the effects might not be immediately noticeable, but overtime, the additional energy you are able to put into your day will create dramatic results. Habits are powerful because they are small efforts compounded daily. Click HERE to listen to another of my favorite motivational videos.

There are a lot of cynical people that will tell you that motivation doesn’t last, and they are correct.

Motivation doesn’t last, few things do, which is why they need to be repeated daily.

Working out once will not get you in shape. Studying once will not make you an expert. We don’t go to work once and expect to receive a paycheck for the rest of our lives. It is easy to be a cynic. It is easy to be negative. Don’t fall into that trap. If you make motivation a habit you’ll become a motivated person. Motivation the most powerful catalyst for action so keep your motivational batteries charged-up and start attacking each day with more drive a determination. Energy is more important than intelligence. Knowledge isn’t power until it is applied.

“People often say that motivation does not last. Well, neither does bathing that is why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar

Till next week, good luck!

Change your habits, change your life!

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Best wishes and Best Health!

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